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You continue to amaze me with the skills and ideas you impart to me at every minute of every lesson! Just phenomenal. The thought-provoking moments that come out of a lesson with you amaze me. You are an inspiration. If I can hear* and *listen to the horses at least half as well as you, I’ll feel successful!!

See ya Thursday my horse guru…

Allison - September 9, 2014

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Donna, YOU are my new most favorite person. Thank you so much for being so good at not only doing Cu...
Lauren, I have to comment on this! I have trained four horses to do curbside service and I am thril...
True that, Patti. I think my mini-rant that will be in next month's issue will make that point too. ...

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"Drop everything right now and order this book! It will do MORE for you in LESS time than any other tool I know of. My mustangs made huge changes. It's as if Lauren was right there next to you whispering in your ear what to do next. Imagine all the possibilities and better results you will gain by simply using this one skill! It’s a blast. Lauren has a way of breaking an issue down and explaining it in a very clear and fun way. Do yourself a favor and get it now!"

WW, two-time winner of the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge.

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