The Magic Awaits You

magical schoolYou will always find the results you want on the other side of the changes you need to make to have them. If what you are doing now produced the results you want, there would be no gap between your results and your goals.

To have these results, you first have to be willing to accept that what you are doing now isn’t working, or at least not well enough. Being aware and accepting that you need to stop doing what isn’t working and do something different is the first step in getting new and better results. Letting go of the beliefs that you cling to isn’t easy, but there is no case where you can pick up something new without setting down what you are holding on to too tightly now.

If the actions you are taking now were capable of giving you the result you want, you’d have them now. Are you willing to give up what you like doing because you’re comfortable doing it to achieve an outcome better than the one you’re already producing? The results you want require new actions, Larger goals, will require more consistent effort to achieve it.

Some people are right now producing the results you want. They will believe different things than you and will be doing things differently. You can only have what they have when you make the changes you need to make to have it.

Is there is a gap between what you want and what you have?
If you want to be mediocre, that’s your business. If you want to be Exceptional, that’s my business.

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