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"Penny D. - Have both books (Curbside Service and Balky, Balky) and absolutely love them. Simple, brilliant advice. Thank you"
"The method works and is well-presented and easy to understand in the book. And it actually WORKS! Lorie S."

It goes without saying that any book, article, note, or sticker written by Lauren is a must read for any serious horseman.  The books below provide deep insight into why your horse is behaving the way he/she is, and tried and true information about how to correct the unwanted behaviors and encourage the great ones.  Your horse was born knowing how to do "horse."  You need to learn how to think like your horse, and ultimately form a great and safer partnership.

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Available in paperback or electronically from Amazon, "Curbside Service" is Lauren's first book and it continues to sell continuously.

You're on a ride in the mountains for the weekend with friends. Everyone is milling about trying to get on. They're looking for a low spot or trying to push their horse next to something to stand on. A few are doing the one legged hop while the horse dances in circles around them. Several swing up into the saddle while the horse walks or even trots off before they can haul him to a stop.

Meanwhile, you step up onto your trailer fender. As you climb up, your horse moves into position before you even turn around and stands perfectly square and stock-still with his saddle at your legs ready for you to mount. You slide your leg over, adjust your clothing, maybe your hat, and look around at your friends as they watch with envy. A smile crosses your lips as you pick up your reins and waltz, I mean, walk off. Curbside Service!

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Available in paperback or electronically from Amazon, "Balky Balky" is Lauren's second very popular book.

Everybody does it. You do it. I do it. Your horse does it. Everybody BALKS! As in: NOPE, I DON'T WANT TO AND I'M NOT GOING TO! Sadly, many top trainers and instructors tell you to do something that is right up the horse's wheelhouse. Not yours. They haven't explored this concept from a successful results training angle. Misinterpreting how to influence your horse when he's balky does a great job of telling your horse he can do what he wants because you don't have these skills.

Lauren takes on a serious issue that happens in absolutely everyone's horsemanship but challenges you with her unique sense of humor to have fun with the whole process and enjoy the journey as you uncover these proven step-by-step solutions for exeptional results.