You continue to amaze me with the skills and ideas you impart to me at every minute of every lesson! Just phenomenal. The thought-provoking moments that come out of a lesson with you amaze me. You are an inspiration. If I can hear* and *listen to the horses at least half as well as you, I’ll feel successful!!
See ya Thursday my horse guru…

Ya know what, Lauren, your newsletters are always the best read I have. Yes, I have lots of books and I watch most of the horse shows but YOURS makes learning fun, normal and it always is logical and down to earth.

I think I can testify to, "If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” At 68 I have no intention of ever stopping riding. Lucia


Hi Lauren:    I SO enjoy your monthly letters! And with the help of your book, my mare "sidles" up to the trailer fender so I can mount and dismount. I'm still riding at 78.    Sincerely,  Doris E


Lauren .....Thanks for having me on your list. I always enjoy your newsletter. I will get a video to you of some 'proof' to people who haven't read your books of my 'before' mounting a bucket grace involved ...chiropractor practically necessary for me and 'after' to the graceful bareback mount your BOOK gave me!!!! I think your book should be given to anyone who ever buys a horse - sort of like a welcome wagon
bucket.   :)      I am generally not a read and learn type of person. I am a watch, see, do kind of learner. But your book was so amazingly well written and fun, I taught all 3 of my horses curbside. So, maybe that is the reluctance to the horse 'reading' audience? I was also pleasantly surprised at some 'side effects' of the curbside training. 1st one was I thought Ginger, my mare who I've done more groundwork with any horse on the planet, got nervous if you were on her and touched the fence. Weirdly not a problem, now. I thought Curbside with her would take us the summer - not 10 minutes !!      Nutmeg, my Haflinger who would walk off when mounting-Curbside installed-that went away! She stands, so weird, without working on those specific issues, they isappeared!

Sharon B.


Lauren,   Seeing you ride Monty this morning giving him confidence to tackle a busy street with garbage trucks, APS trucks, bikes, cars, monthly street trash pickup with tree limbs pilled high, cardboard boxes, black plastic bags without major incident was a testament to your EXCEPTIONAL HORSEMANSHIP training methods. I’ve watched first hand over the last 6 weeks as you instilled respect and thought instead of reaction to a young 6 year old Tennessee Walker gelding who was insecure when riding alone or out front and had numerous bad spooking experiences with his former owner who lacked confidence. Today you saddled him, mounting from your truck bumper easily using your curbside training he learned the first lesson, and off you went walking down the street laden with loads of spooking potential. You gave him time to process everything he saw, stopping without rushing so he could explore and process, no agenda just a safe excursion rewarding him for his attention to new things resulting in a smooth running walk safely back home and a positive learning experience. I’m learning as much as he is, and I’m so grateful to have found you to further my horsemanship skills that were rusty. I look forward to our weekly lessons as you lead the way for a new communication with my horses that far exceeds anything I have experienced in my 50 years of horse ownership. You are the real deal horse woman...your process is intuitive, magical in the sense there are no gimmicks merely communicating so the horse understands, rewarding when they get it, asking for incremental understanding that builds more confidence, giving them the opportunity to perform to your expectations and bingo they are in the palm of your hand! Your results are astounding! I would not have believed we’d be this far along so quickly, I eagerly await our next lesson. You expect big things in a quiet joining way, and your confidence rubs off on them with even bigger results paving the way for greater partnership and adventure together.         Blessings,  Diane

Ahhh, I got more than my money's worth just listening to you tell others how to be human with their horses. Sometimes it's best just to sit and listen.

You have a great feel for the "zone of proximal development" or moving people at their level to what I like to call productive discomfort. Learning a new skill is NOT fun, it's hard scary work. Being able to apply that skill is a joy. Not only are you a gifted horsewoman you're a master teacher!

Thank you for sharing your gifts with others. I learned a lot.  Susan L.


Hi Lauren. How I enjoyed being at the clinic on Saturday. I felt like a sponge...trying to absorb every word. You are indeed a gifted teacher as well as horsewoman.

I am now trying to consistently expect exactly what I ask from my horses thanks to you. That is, of course, assuming I have taught them what I want.!! But standstill, does not mean to step anywhere.

It took me a while to get my horse to break into a canter in the round pen at liberty. She went from easy trot to fast and faster trot. She has learned now to canter but still rushes. Since your clinic I ask for the canter on my 12 foot line, where I can reach her to give the cue. Now she breaks into the canter from a walk on that line. Will keep working.    Do hope we can connect up with you again at a clinic or class. God Bless.       Freda


I rode MAGIC for the first time after having him for 4 years; and in a rope halter!!! I’m his 6th owner. 2 years ago, he came home after 8 months at an Arab training stable.  During this period, I was told I couldn’t ride him due to an ‘Injury’.  The trainer dropped him off at my place and said firmly, to sell him;  he was too athletic for me. HUH? He was there for 8 months.  I was told that he was doing great. 

Before Lauren came into our lives, I reached out to anybody and everybody.  I needed help desperately.  

Now almost 6, this ‘Wild Unruly Horse’ who had become a dangerous , run you over Renegade that couldn’t be caught nicely, has learned how to behave, trust, and respect.  Plus, Lauren’s giving me the TeriMagic1confidence to overcome my fears after a near mortal injury from a different horse. She has taken a horse that many would discard or put down and turned him completely around.  The transformation is amazing.  At liberty, he jumps 3-foot jumps. He comes to you when called.  He is ridden without fear-in a Rope Halter! No bits. Loose reins. Perfect Curb-siding. No fear!

Lauren, you are my HERO and an ANGEL!  You came into our lives when we both needed you the most.  You have saved us from the inevitable ‘Train Wreck’.  You’ve got this train back on track!


Teri and Magic


Ever since The Horse Whisperer I have been afraid of crossing or riding down a road on horseback. I focus on the infinite possibilities of what idiot may come racing down the road, hurtling out of a driveway or what obstacles we might encounter that would terrify my horse. Of course, she would spook, I would panic and it would end up really ugly!
Sooo.... last week found Lauren, Sassafras and I working on this. I don't remember how she got us on the road (sly as she is) but there we were, Sassy and I trotting down the road with Lauren driving her truck beside us. Just as I was starting to breathe and thinking this isn't so bad, she starts to squeeze us towards the fence and there is the FOR SALE sign coming up and the guy with the leaf blower who she tells to turn up full bore and the neighbor with the garbage can she asks if he can bang the lid louder.  Then, in her usual tactful way she says to me, "just ignore it and trot on."  Sassy must have been listening because I was focused solely on breathing, and we continued on without breaking stride - what a horse!
Next, Lauren wants us to follow her with Sassy's nose on the tailgate. I am more than nervous but Sassy doesn't seem to care - what a horse!
Now she wants to tailgate us down the road (it's illegal, woman). OMG, my jaw is dropping, she's not kidding. But Sassy isn't having any trouble with Lauren driving up our a@5** so I'm feeling pretty pleased at this point and ready to call it a day. But, as we are heading home Lauren reaches out and grabs Sassy's bridle rein, pulling her up alongside the truck  - so close I could have reached in and smacked her!  My blood pressure starts to rise as Lauren starts to go faster and Sassy is going down the road perpendicular to the truck. Finally Sassy relaxes. I relax and all is well. My horse is awesome!
Lauren - what an awesome lesson and what I learned in such a short time: the road wasn't a barrier and Sassy never had a problem with it - I did. Okay, maybe she wasn't fond of cozying up to the side of a moving pickup truck but she did it. She never lost her cool - that was the greatest moment of awareness for me. I realize I can trust her more and quit projecting my 'issues' of what could happen. I have a great horse in Sassy and a great trainer in you. So, I can't fail if I just listen and work with the knowledge you share with me.
Sassy and I thank you for all the good times to come!   --Phyllis

Thank you, I feel like I learned a lot today. It is always so nice when your brain and your body connect. I think that you do such a wonderful job, you always seem to know what will work, and you know how to explain it. You’re a great teacher. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I know I pay you, but your expert eyes and wonderful personality sure are making this FUN!!!! – Sue G, Peoria AZ


I had a blast… Never a dull moment with you! I’m always intrigued and amazed with you. You have such profound and thought-provoking perspective! Have you thought about being a counselor?? It’s like learning horse-ABC’s, and then putting the letters together to make “See horse run.” – J


Hi Lauren,     I was just saying the other day to a fellow rider how you helped me over come my riding fears. I started with Parelli, but you are my true hero. Thank you so much. Sue

Thanks for your patience with me and all you're teaching me and Bridge. – Chris, Peoria AZ

You have a talent and such a unique way of getting through to people. You go girl! – Teri, Scottsdale AZ


Bev & Kitchee exhibiting their Curbside Service.

Lauren:  I am sitting here tearing up as I try to find the appropriate words to tell you thank you for the break through that Kit and I had yesterday. I don’t have the words but I certainly have the feelings. It was such a wonderful day – the lessons that you keep hoping willl come together for me finally did at a competition.  Thursday’s lesson really did it… when I told Kit to get back over there at the well, it was your voice and I was finally thinking like Lauren. It is finally coming together – It has been worth the journey and your guidance has been invaluable. Even though the words sound ordinary my appreciation is gigantic. – Bev


Doc and I had a wonderful day. Obviously, because I have a terrific trainer who tells me what to do and when I follow the directions, it works! Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day. – Bev, Phoenix AZ


You are indeed a gifted teacher as well as horsewoman. I’ve read your book three times. – Freda

Lauren, I have not been able to think of how to put into words how much you helped me at the clinic. I have loads of work to do with Annie, but it was Izzy you helped me thru her temper fits. I would not have known how to keep pushing her thru it to a good result.  She is going to be a great horse, and I will keep up teaching her what you taught us.  Thanks so much for an amazing clinic- all your clinics and lessons are the best I have ever been to.  Lauren you are an exceptional teacher of humans and horses, we love you girl! – Sue S.

I had a blast… Never a dull moment with you! I’m always intrigued and amazed with you. You have such profound and thought-provoking perspective! Have you thought about being a counselor?? It’s like learning horse-ABC’s, and then putting the letters together to make “See horse run.” – J

Lauren – 

Had a few extra minutes this morning, and I just finished reading all your blog entries.  I REALLY enjoy reading your stuff!  I ran out too soon.  Can you write one maybe every hour or so …   Just kidding … every two hours will do … 

Thanks,     --Randy Carson